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Full Moon August 2021 Blue Moon: Why It’s Also Called A ‘Sturgeon Moon.’


The next Sunday which is going to be 22nd August is going to be a full moon and in addition to this, it is also going to be a blue moon. And now people are going to be asking why we are calling this a blue moon when we state the second full moon in a calendar month to be the blue moon and this is the only full moon of the month. Well, we are calling it a full moon but it is going to be considered a blue moon if you are going to be following the obscure rule, the original definition of branding a full moon has always been Blue.

Full Moon August 2021 Blue Moon

Full Moon August 2021 Blue Moon

When we talk about July in the year 1943, there was a magazine of Sky & Telescope, in the question and answer column, there was a reference which was directed towards Blue moon, the term was pretty unusual and it was cited from the copy of 1937 edition which now has been defunct as Maine Farmers Almanac. If you are going to search for the Almanac page which was showcased in the 1937 edition in the month of August, the meaning which was calendrical was given to the Blue moon.

It has been stated Full moon usually comes 12 times in a year which is three times for each year, once in the blue moon there is going to come a year when there are going to be 13 full moons in a whole year. And it seems like this is considered to be pretty unlucky and this is going to be upsetting the regular arrangements of the festivals for the church and this is the reason why 13 is considered to be very unlucky.

When there are 4 full moons in one season then it is the third time the moon is going to be a full moon, it is considered as the Blue moon. The full moon is something to gaze upon and people are going to be camping in places to enjoy the full moon and enjoy the beauty it to its fullest and as there is going to be an extra full moon, it means one of the four seasons is going to be containing four full moons instead of usual three.

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