Home News WATCH: Frisco Memorial High School Senior Prank Video 2022 Explained

WATCH: Frisco Memorial High School Senior Prank Video 2022 Explained


WATCH: Frisco Memorial High School Senior Prank Video 2022 Explained: The last two days of the school year at Frisco Memorial High School were said to be half days but would not be made up due to an approved senior prank that eventually turned into vandalism. This news just came out and it has arrested people’s attention people are speculating about what was a senior prank and what happened at Frisco Memorial High School? People are speculating a vast number of queries regarding the senior prank. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Frisco Memorial High School Senior Prank

Frisco Memorial High School Senior Prank

Crews were being seen cleaning the blocks of the school buildings instead of students on Thursday. According to the reports, a senior prank turned into extensive vandalism on Thursday 19th May 2022. Keep doing the same and follow every section by taking a close look at them. We have placed them down in this section so scroll down the page and fetch the information which we have extracted from ample reports and statements.

A senior named Abhi Bandi said, “these two days were our last day at the school and we will never get a chance to say goodbye to people we met here, we care for them so much.” He further added, “because of few kids the last two days of the school have been ruined, some amateur decided to vandalize the school.” Keep reading this article to learn more about Frisco Memorial High School.

Frisco Memorial High School Senior Prank Video

Three seniors students of the Frisco Memorial High School said they never thought their school year would end this way. They expressed their disappointment over the vandalism of the school. Bandi who was one of the three senior friends said that he and his friends were enjoying Dallas Mavericks basketball on television instead of taking part in a senior prank. He also said that he got to know about the vandalism of Frisco Memorial High School via social media. Kindly shift to the further section to learn more.

Another senior named Ryan Song said, “I do not want people to know FISD and Memorial High School in general as offenders because our entire school year means a lot more than that.” He further added, “Pranks are funny and pranks are ok but there is a limit. The gap between pranks and breaking rules defines them, once you crossed the gap then you cant defend your action. However, the school administration has stated that they are in contact with the police and will surely take strict action against the responsible.

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