There has been an incident which is pretty demeaning in every sense as the president of France naming Emmanuel Marcon has been slapped on the face as he went on to an official visit which was in the South East of France.

French President Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron Slap Video

The video has been going viral on the internet of him getting slapped by a spectator who came there for slapping him I guess which is just unacceptable. In the video, you will be seeing Mr. Marcon walking up towards a barricade that has been put there for the spectators to stand and as he went there to talk to the citizens, one of them just slapped him in the blink of an eye after which the authorities caught the guy then,

And there only and the president was dragged back by the officials for safety purposes and it seems like that the guy wasn’t trying to run away and by the reports that have been given, two of the men have been arrested outside the city of Valence, The man in the green t-shirt is the person who slapped the president as it is pretty evident through the video which is being circulated on the internet and the officer move to catch the guy and the president was pulled away by another officer,

Emmanuel Macron Education

After it happened the president came out stating the situation as an ‘isolated event’, he stated to one of the French newspapers that people who are violent by nature should not be part of a debate as he further stated that people like these do not deserve to be in a public debate, it is also being stated that the guy was shouting ‘down with Marconism’ as he went to slap the president and he also said “Montjoie, Saint-Denis” which is the old battle cry of the Kingdom of France and this has been stated,

In the reports but this has to be said about the president that he didn’t seem to get bothered by what happened and went on to be calm and interacted with the rest of the people with dignity which shows that the leaders are chosen wisely as he stated in an interview after the incident that he is going to continue to make France a better nation and nothing can stop him from doing that, as of now there is no information about the man who has slapped the president and the motives are also unknown and we are here to provide you with the details as soon as we are aware of the person’s history and what was his main motive to create such a drama.


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