French biryani is a Kannada comedy-drama movie which is directed by Pannaga Bharana, produced by Ashwini Puneet and Rajkumar and Gurudath a talwar.  Starring Danish Saut and Sal Yusuf, and music by Vasuki Vaibhav. Production PRK Productions. it is released on 24 July 2020. The film was scheduled to release in theaters but due to the COVID19 pandemic, it has released online on Amazon Prime. This Movie is a fully comedy packed drama which forces you to laugh if you know Kanada then you must.

The film is shooted in Shivajinagar a locality with more energy and noisy activity in easy words you can say the main central area where bustles always are on the peak. A place where you can see the different people speaking different languages from different regions. It is not just Kannada movie as we said that there you will see more languages as multilingual. you will see characters are speaking Telegu, Kannada, English, and Urdu. it also includes an inter-religious marriage of a new which shows their love and their struggles towards their marriage and it doesn’t promote love jihad.

French Biryani Review

A Frenchman named Simon lands in India by mistake as a peddler. usually, you watch movies in which gangsters, mafias, drug peddlers, and comedy seem separate but in this movie, it is a combination where gangsters are entertaining you and force you to laugh out of control.

Well, In this movie you must confuse at least once because the main character Asagr is a caricature with no arc over the course of its runtime. In fact, we know so little about even Asgar, and we know about him very little. French biryani is a film in which you can get to know about three days in the life of an autorickshaw driver when he met a French emigrant. In which you also see some similarities like Delhi belly if you have watched that but you will not find it funny as Delhi belly. Most of the characters of this are funny, stupid, and dumb as per their work hence we can say that you will find it funny but for that, you have to watch the movie, and as you all know that the movie has been released on 24 July on Amazon prime’s Over the top platform so so watch and stay tuned with us.


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