There is great news for the players who are into Fortnite as the game seems to be having some legendary challenges when you talk about this week in Fortnite, there are going to be challenges such as “mysterious reasons” in which you are going to be hunting for different clues and you are going to be searching the clues in a farm and you are going to be putting up the signs of a missing guy as the player is going to be visiting the favorite places of the missing person and in return, the game will be providing the player with Doomsday peppers guide and it seems like that prepping for doomsday is pretty unlikely to happen in the real world but in Fortnite, it makes all sense and doomsday is something that is happening all the time in the game and this is where you can find the guide.

Searching For Farm For Clues In Fortnite

Fortnite Doomsday Preppers Guide Location

For finding the Doomsday pepper’s guide, the player will have to go to Hydro 16 which is at the South Central if you talk according to the location on the map and you don’t need to go the big damn but the player will be requiring to go to the East and then the player will need to go to the first floor and there the player is going to see a door and the door is going to have some broken windows and the rest of the doors on the floor are going to be Steel protected having some warning signs having a yellow color and then you need to head into the room and the player will have to look right and there it will be, the Pepper’s guide will be lying on the floor which will be near some of the drawers and you will probably find batman there and such is the game Fortnite.

This season the developers of the game are going to be introducing Kymera alien as it is going to be providing the users with a brand new skin and that skin is going to be featuring about 800,000 combinations for the styling of the character and for that the players will be requiring cosmic chests and alien artifacts for each week and the players are also going to be having a chance to win pick up a deadly gun which is going to be dominating in the game.

Fortnite Search The Farm For Clues

This week’s challenges are going to be focusing on finding clues in the farm as the players will be required to find the signs that the missing person has left in order for the players to find them which will be in the weeping woods and also the misty meadows and these challenges are going to be there for a limited amount of time so it would be a good idea for the players to get it done with as soon as possible.

Different Locations For Clues

  • Near a river where there is a bundle of wood and on top of it.
  • at the base of the hill where there is a pile of rock.
  • outside the steel’s farm where there is a red tractor in the fields.
  • close to the edge of the cliff which is at the back end of the house on Steel’s farm.

And to complete the challenge the players will be requiring to visit only two of the places.

The game is going to be pretty exciting for this week and it seems like that the developers of the game are doing their best to come up with new ideas to keep the players interested in the game and it seems to work out for the game as the game is still relevant after so many years of existence, of course, it doesn’t have the same charisma that it had when Ninja blew up and the game became really popular, without a doubt that was a prime time for the game but it still going on pretty well.


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