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Fortnite Discord Nitro: How To Claim Discord NITRO For FREE Three Months!


It seems like there is a new talk in the world of Fortnite and that is for the players which are that the players are having a chance to get the discord nitro which they can get through the store of epic games, it seems like epic games are on its toes and are pulling out some new games o their site on a daily basis and that shows the commitment of the company not to provide the edge to their competition which is mainly Call of duty which is owned by Activision, Pubg, Valorant, Apex legends that are some of the best shooting games which are being played by the players on a regular basis and to fight out the growing competition the Epic games which is the owner of the game Fortnite which hs already seen it’s prime but is still being played by many of the players.

Fortnite Discord Nitro

Fortnite Discord Nitro

The company has also come up with a new market strategy in which they have thrown out millions of dollars of games for free on their platform so that people use their store more often as they keep coming up with games for free, they have also made the game Among us and NBA 2K21 as free for some duration of time for the users to use their store.

How To Get Discord NITRO FREE For Three Months

And now it seems like that the gaming company is now offering the players an offer of 3 months of free discord nitro but there are some limitations that come with this offer as it is not going to be available forever and these are the details of the offer, the offer is going to be there for 3 months and the offer is going to be present on the Epic games store and the offer is going to start from today itself and it is going to be valid until 24th June 2021 as the users are going to receive a link that is going to state that the offer is valid till 24th July,

The nitro discord is going to provide the players with many of the chat perks, they will be able to upload bigger files, the users are also going to stand out in their favorite channels on discord, the users are also going to have 2 of the boost for server and are going to get 30% off if they want to buy some extra server boosts.

But the catch is that if the user already has a subscription then this offer is not going to be available for such users as the players are going to try to exploit the offer to its fullest and to keep that in check, they have come up with this.


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