Fortnite could celebrate their Lunar New Year, but it looks like the in-game festivities of Epic Games’ battle royale shooter will go beyond this. Data miners have unearthed the presence of a new Fortnite Valentine’s Day challenge which is being speculated to go live along with their Fortnite 7.40 update. The release date of this is being speculated as February 12. This update will reportedly come with new cosmetic items such as a Dark Love Ranger Skin. The challenges will be available beginning from Valentine’s Day and the weekly challenges will be released on Thursday, i.e February 14.

Photo Credit: PXLPlat | Twitter

Some leaks have suggested that there will be six daily challenges, and some suggested that it would vary.  

Shwubblz, a Fortnite leaker on Reddit stated– “It will be a challenge bundle. And it will have different sets. Four daily challenges, five and then six or seven, maybe a themed pickaxe or back bling with the challenges!”

It looks like the Dark Love Ranger skin can’t be viewed by the leakers as of now. Fortnite leaks site Fornite Insider stated- “The Dark Love Ranger skin style could be leaked, but it is more likely that the file would be encrypted, and this means that the data-miners won’t be able to access the skin until it will be unlocked.

Apart from the new update rolling out, Epic Games has discounted the prices of their Fortnite’s Save the World mode by 50 percent on devices like PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This has been done as a part of their celebrations of the Lunar New Year. Fortnite Save the World has been given early access since 2017 and has been expected to go free-to-play for some time in this year. The popular battle royale mode will be launched soon and will be free. Fortnite Save the World prices are as follows-

  • Fortnite Standard – $19.99, previous price being $39.99 (approximately Rs 1,400 instead of Rs. 2,800)
  • Fortnite Deluxe – $29.99, previous price being $59.99 (approximately Rs. 2,100 instead of Rs. 4,200)
  • Fortnite Super Deluxe – $44.99, previous price being $89.99 (approximately Rs. 3,150 instead of Rs. 6,300)

Fortnite Limited Edition – $74.99, previous price being $149.99 (approximately to Rs. 5,250 instead of Rs. 10,500)


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