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Fortnite Battle Pass Meme TikTok Song Lyrics Meaning Explained


Fortnite Battle Pass Meme TikTok Song Lyrics Meaning Explained: TikTok is one of the most prominent and trending social media platforms on which many people are getting popularity and fame immensely. Every few days, some new and interesting challenges and trends come to the platform and people go crazy for them. Likewise, recently Fortnite Battle Pass meme song lyrics are getting viral on Tik Tok. There are many people who want to know more about the currently viral song on Tik Tok. Here, you will get all the needed information about the trend so stay tuned. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


Fortnite Battle Pass Meme TikTok Song

Today, we have come to know about many creative people in the world only with the help of the internet. Yes, it is all thanks to the internet and several social media platforms where people show their creativity and innovation. Through TikTok, many creative people come out and show their talent. With the help of social media platforms, people also come to know about their talent. which was hidden in them. Many users have shown their skills in art and many other things. Similarly, one such user made a meme song randomly and it went viral online, especially on TikTok.

Fortnite Battle Pass Meme TikTok Song lyrics explained

Currently, the lyrics of the Fornite Battle Pass meme song are available on the video-sharing platform, TikTok. Additionally, there is a video on the platform which noted down the lyrics for the convenience of the users and viewers. Actually, the lyrics of the song read, “Fortnite battle pass, I just s**t out my a**. Booted up my PC cuz I need need to get that Fortnite battle pass. I like Fortnite. Did I mention Fortnite? I like Fortnite. It’s night time I mean, it’s 5 o’clock, that’s basically nighttime; Y’all remember cartoon network adventure time.”


The creator of the song made it randomly while doing a duet PS5 challenge with another Tik Toker whose name is Salem. He captioned the video stating that he was getting bored and made a freestyle. Although, this random song has caught the huge attention of viewers. The video of the song has gained 10 million views on the platforms. The meme song doesn’t contain any specific meaning but people have speculated that the creator of the song seems like a fan of Fortnite, a video game. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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