The gamers who are into Fortnite are going to be pretty happy as we are going to be explaining to you about bringing alien samples to Corny Complex. It has been stated the Week 9’s epic challenges are mostly about using the Fortnite weapons which are inspired by aliens and the weapons include the likes of recon scanner, rail cannon, and Grabitron, the players are also going to be finding IO satellite stations.

Alien Sample Fortnite

Alien Sample Fortnite

It has to be said this week’s tasks are super tricky which is to bring an alien sample from the satellite station’s antenna and then bring it to the entry of Corny Complex. This is going to be the only challenge that is going to be requiring the player to find something on the map.

There are going to be many legendary challenges which are there to be completed, it is going to be one where you will have to find a detector which is going to help to disable the alien billboards which are going to be pretty similar to the one. Other legendary challenges are going to be eliminating the trespassers, placing spy probes, and placing a bio scanner in an alien biome and it is going to be required of the player to place the spy probes in a specific location.

As the gamers are reaching the end of the current season when we talk about Fortnite, completing the challenges is going to be pretty important if compared to the legendary ones in order to gain as much experience as possible for the battle pass, if you are planning to have the skin of Rick from the series Rick and Morty then completing the challenges is going to be pretty crucial for the players. completing the challenges is going to be the faster way in order to get the Fortnite skin and we are to assist you to get the skin.

Location Of Alien Samples

The challenge is going to be two-parter, the first task is going to be finding a satellite station consisting of alien samples, the trick is going to be finding a station which is close to Corny Complex and this is going to be crucial if you want to avoid players while you carry the sample to the Corny Complex.

Three bases where you can transport the alien samples –

  • East of weeping woods
  • West of dirty docks
  • West of steamy stacks.



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