The newest race that is going to take place in Azerbaijan is going to be jaw-dropping as Charles Leclerc is going to be taking the pole position and this is not said enough so it is going to sound strange but Lewis Hamilton is going to be starting second according to the pole positions and it seems like Charles Leclerc is really a contender with the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen who can become the world number in the world of racing.

F1 Azerbaijan GP Race LIVE Updates

F1 Azerbaijan GP Race LIVE Updates


1  Charles LECLERC Ferrari 1:41.218
2  Lewis HAMILTON Mercedes 1:41.450
3  Max VERSTAPPEN Red Bull Racing 1:41.563
4  Pierre GASLY AlphaTauri 1:41.565
5  Carlos SAINZ Ferrari 1:41.576

Charles Leclerc is the dedicated driver for the Ferrari who is going to be ahead of everyone in the starting point, Lewis Hamilton is going to start second as he is going to represent Mercedes and Max Verstappen is going to be 3rd according to the pole positions who is a dedicated driver for RedBull and the surprise of the day is going to be the upcoming talent and the fierce driver who is pushing his limits these days and that is Pierre Gasly who is really performing well in the recent years and it seems like he can be the one who can stand with the best in the business.

The qualifying session has been truly fascinating and it consisted of about 4 red flags and about 5 crashes that happened, Charles Leclerc was phenomenal on the track and it seems like that the Azerbaijan Grand Prix is going to be pretty exciting as there is going to be some amazing driving to watch and the pole positions have really turned up the heat for the occasion and this has come just a couple of weeks before the qualifying round that happened in Monaco which was his home race but it seems like that he was disqualified before the race even started due to some mechanical issue in the car that was caused by a crash which he faced in the qualifying round.

It seems like that the reigning world champion is back at it after a poor Friday session and is going to be joining Ferrari in front and the rivalry of these three has really made F1 pretty exciting in recent years.

Max Verstappen was not at all happy with his performance in the qualifying round even though it was his best time at the track in Baku and it seems like that the Dutchman is going to come with some furious play as he was pretty disappointed with himself after the qualifying round and we can expect that the race is going to be pretty exciting to for the audiences to watch.


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