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Former NRA President Tricked Into Gun Violence Prevention Video: Explained


There has been a video that has been released by the gun violence prevention group as they have released the video in which they have shown that how they have tricked the famous pros when it comes to guns as these experts are addressing a pool of empty chairs and these experts were representing the kids who have died and killed by the gunshots who were still in high school and didn’t even get the chance to live their life.

Former NRA President Former NRA President Gun Violence Video

This video is being organized by one of the gun safety organization naming Change the Ref and the founders of the organization are Manuel Oliver and Patricia as his son naming Joaquin was also murdered during such an event in Parkland in Florida in one of the school shootings and the video was released by the organization on Wednesday.

In the video, you are going to be noticing a pool of empty chairs and the shot of the chairs are taken by a drone and the video is going to contain the terrified voices of the students who have experienced the horror of such incidents that are happening too often in the United States and these voices are of the times when the bullets are flying in the high schools.

As we speak about the empty chairs, the first video that you are going to see is of the NRA Board member naming David Keene who was the President of the pro-gun group in the year 2011 to 2013, and in one of the statements that have been given by the organization Change the Ref, they have stated that the video is not at all about fooling a bunch of gun experts, the video is about the thousands of empty chairs that has become a pretty normal thing when you talk about the graduations as this has become a normal American tradition.

It has been added by Manuel that they are representing all of the kids who couldn’t finish their high school because of such bizarre cases and in the second video, you are going to see John Lott Jr. who is the author of ‘more guns’ as he has stated in one of the interviews after the release of the video that he spoke for about 15 minutes but they have only shown a minute of him addressing the issue in the video as he called the video to be highly edited and many of the points that he made were missing in the video.

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