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Florida Man Pulled Gun At Starbucks Over Cream Cheese, $10,000 Bond: Police


Nowadays people’s patience is getting exhausted and small talks turn into a big fight. One such scene has been seen in Florida, According to Miami Gardens Police”, an angry man takes out a gun on a drive-thru employee because they forget to give him cream cheese with his bagel. The worker just happened to be the daughter of the chief of police. According to the statement of the Police, the man gets offended at a Starbucks drive-thru when they forget him to give cream cheese and messed up his order this week. He gets back to his window, shouting at the worker.

Florida Man Gun Starbucks

She asked about the payment of the cream cheese which makes him angrier and then he takes out his gun, according to the report of apprehended. Chief Delma Noel-Pratt informed CBS4 that this incident traumatized her 23 years old daughter. The daughter of the chief informed police that though the man takes out the gun but could not point the gun at her, she got scared and but she feared he would injure her if she did not complete his order and didn’t give him the cream cheese with the bagel.

Noel further added, “She felt like today would be her last day and It was making me force to think that how can someone lost their patience that much for not getting cream cheese on his bagel and how someone can take out the gun.” After seeing the gun the employee gets too much scared and she immediately gave the cream cheese to that man and he drove away after taking it.

As mentioned on the report of the arrest, he told that he clutched the gun and put it in the air as it was dropping out of his pocket, but he refused to accept that he threatened the lady employee. The accused faces numerous charges including annoyed assault with a gun. He was being held on a $10,000 bond. It’s not clear yet that he has an advocate who could comment on the charges.

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