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Who was Floreano Lopes? Man,37, Shot Dead In Fatal North Toronto Shooting!


The construction workers are in shock with one of the paving companies at the fatal shooting scene and now they a re-remembering their co-workers as the kindest family man. Whereas some of the workers use to identify Floreano Lopeds by the CCTV footage as the victim of the breathtaking shooting, and now they are in huge grief and saddened by the loss. He was working at the spot but lost his life during his work. This shakes the rest of the co-workers.

Who was Floreano Lopes?

They are all in grief. Whaersd one of his co-workers, Davis Hernandez, given a statement in which he said that ‘Floreana is a kind of man who is so passionate to his work and never denies anyone to helm them. He is the person who always uses to stay happy with others.” He further added that he was married and a blessed father of three kids. And this is the most disheartening part of everyone’s life.”

Floreano Lopes

Toronto police also come forward and to give a statement that “the suspect was av truck which was stolen and it was black in a colour, this truck was traveling on Steeles Avenue West near Alness Avenue at around 1:20 p.m. at the time of big collision or crash to the white vehicle engaged in the construction. Later police stated that the suspect was tried to flee the scene after the crash and the citizens of the place intervened.

Floreano Lopes

On the other hand, one of the workers informs that, “a group of construction workers was tried hard to approach the pick up. Here what the witness told, “there was an argument after which a driver shooted on a man out three, and rest of two were stunned and they weren’t able to do something against him.”

Floreano Lopes

Later the co-workers were tried their best to stop the bleeding of a victim and also to save his life. Hernandez gave a statement, “when I saw Lopes, I rushed to him and tried to stop his bleeding. He was shot on his leg and it was three shots.” But he was unable to save his life and when he reached a trauma center he had been declared dead.

Floreano Lopes

The suspect is arrested and he is 37 years old. Has also been charged with second-degree murder. The investigation is still going on. His memorial service was taking place at 6:00 pm on Sunday.

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