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Flo-Jo Cause Of Death: Journalist Claire Lehmann Claimed Flo-Jo Dies Due To Excessive Use of Drugs!


The most popular “‘Micro Blogging’ system Twitter is always in controversy due to its users who always create a sensation with their Tweets. The most recent tweet of Australian Journalist Claire Lehmann currently tweeted in which she claimed that late-American field and track athlete Flo-Jo has passed away due to excessive use of drugs. After the moment she made the Tweet the social media platform has been dismounted with opinions and arguments after Sha’Carri Richardson, an American sprinter recently being tested positive for marijuana.

Flo-Jo Cause Of Death

Flo-Jo Cause Of Death

Richardson was presumed to participate in the Olympic 100m final in the Tokyo Olympics in the end of this month will not going to participate anymore as she has been on suspension for an entire month after being tested positive for marijuana. As soon as the news comes online, the social media platform flooded with many tweets and comments.

The news came into the limelight and put the fuel to the fire after the series of tweets by Aussie Journalist Claire claiming drug and steroid use by athletes. She claimed in her tweets that the late American track and field runner, Flo-Jo was also drug use. She further added that it is obvious that the drug user passed away early as a result of using drugs in excessive quantity. Though, many users flared up and shock wave these claims.

The Actual Reason Of Flo Jo Death

Florence Griffith Joyner was recently considered to “the speedy woman of all time” died tragically at the youngest age of 38. Later on, Police claimed that a post-mortem disclosed that the young Olympic gold medalist has passed away at the time of sleeping, due to asphyxiation during a severe epileptic seizure. Though, Flo-Jo’s reason for the death is not connected to the use of steroids and drugs. The athlete has passed away at her Canyon Crest house in Mission Viejo, in California in the year 1998.

The test reports of Toxicology claimed that Flo-Jo had taken a capsule of the painkiller Tylenol and the antihistamine Benadryl. Though, the result of recreational drugs, alcohol, or even the use of drugs was negative. She was suffered from other health issues.


Claire Lehmann’s Tweets

Claire Lehmann is the founder of the online site Quilette made the Tweets in which she alleging that Sha’Carri’s long nails and hairs can be the outcome of her drug use. She also posted her picture portraying Flo-Jo and stated that “Flo-Jo was also a drug user, had the nails. She has passed away during sleeping at the age of 38 as this is the result of a lifetime of a drug user.” Claire even denied deleting her tweets or to apologise. Many users reacted to her tweets as one wrote that “I am extremely shocked after reading the tweets of this journalist at her blatant racism.”

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