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Who Is FIU President Mark Rosenberg’s wife? Age, Instagram, and, more!


Who Is FIU President Mark Rosenberg’s wife? Age, Instagram, and, more!: The President of Florida International University is making the news headlines. There must be a question in your mind why is his name is circulating in the news headlines. So you guys are on the right platform as we will going to be updating you with the complete information of his side. Let’s not delay anymore and get onto the article below. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

FIU President Mark Rosenberg's wife

Who Is FIU President Mark Rosenberg’s wife?

FIU’S president, Mark Rosenberg gave a resigned on Friday and he served his 12 years in this university. He added that the reason behind resigning was due to health issues. He took to Twitter and wrote “I’m saddened and with an accomplishment that I shred with all of you that I will be signing a resignation as the president of FIU, on January 21, 2022. A reason to talk back my steps from this job is to give some time to my personal health issues and also to degenerating the health of my wife.”

His resignation came while there was an emergency virtual meeting of FIU’s Board of Trustees. Here are the words of Dean Colson, a chair of the FIU Board, that, “resignation of Rosenberg which had been signed by him on Friday gave us a shock and for a moment we all were paused. Whereas the community deserves to know the exact reason behind it?”

Rosenberg is at the age of 72 and was almost in the midst of celebrating the university’s 50th anniversary. The Miami Herald gave its best time to its front page to the anniversary this week.  He had been stunned by his colleagues after his sudden resignation, the enter Miami campus was under shock when they got to know about the departure of the Rosenberg.

The reason he submitted behind resigning from his post is to take care of his ailing wife. His wife is 47 years old and she has been suffering from Type 1 diabetes and advanced dementia. She is in a wheelchair these days, the burden to have a serious effect on his mental-well being and also promoted him to seek counseling.

He even said, “he was under pressure and it wasn’t easy for him to handle the pressure of work and of taking care of his wife. I would like to apologize to everyone realizing from my duties suddenly.”

Colon also added in his statement that, “due to the privacy policy and the consideration we can’t comment anymore on him.”

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