Fiston Ngoy: Biography, Arrested, Age, Pennsylvania Man Raped Woman On SEPTA Train: police statement: A name Fiston Ngoy is all around the internet after he was involved in the terrible act. People keep on searching for his name as he has been charged for sexual abuse and they would like to know about the whole incident. So we are here to update you about the case. This incident is making everyone tense and it also created a panic amongst the travelers. Everyone is worried for women’s safety and they are now taking to Twitter and also requesting to the government to take some action against him. Before knowing more about the incident let us update you about the culprit. Follow More Update On

Fiston Ngoy

Who Is Fiston Ngoy?

Pictures of Ngoy have been circulating all around the web as he is alleged to attempt to rape a woman in a running train. He is none other than a rapist of the innocent woman. People are searching for him with a mindset that he is just a criminal who is involved in sexual abuse. What he had been sone isn’t acceptable and this is making the people angry. He is 35 years old. He was on a train that was heading towards the town of Upper Darby. This is the only information which is released by the police about him. Fiston Ngoy: Biography, Arrested, Age, Pennsylvania man raped a woman on the train

What was the scene on a train?

While Ngoy harassing a woman there were other passengers also and now of them came forward to help a woman or to stop the culprit attempting this terrible act in front of them. Neither did they try to call 911 and were silently witnessing a whole incident. Other Passengers Aimed Their Smartphones Toward A Woman Being Raped On A SEPTA Train

What police is claiming in the reach of the incident?

Police said that they have been able to identify him with the help of the CCTV footage. They deeply investigated the CCTV footage and then they got to know about him. After which they stated their arrest.

Fiston Ngoy: SEPTA Riders Held Up Phones As Woman Was Raped

Fiston Ngoy Arrest Over Rape Charges?

Police were informed by SEPTA employees about the incident and police reached the scene after which they arrested him and took him to custody. So as per the CCTV footage police charged him for rape and sexual assault.

Fiston Ngoy Charged With Horrifically Raping Woman On Train Claims It Was Consensual

SEPTA has been found requesting the passenger that those who were the eye witness please contact the police and call 911. This is so unexpected that no one. steps ahead of help woman and they were just sitting silently.

Fiston Ngoy Age, Biography, Girlfriend, and More

Name Ngoy
Full Name Fiston Ngoy
Age 35 years
Date of Birth 1986
Instagram N/A
Net Worth N/A
Profession N/A
Parents N/A
Birth Place 1986 in Philadelphia, United States.
Nationality American


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