You all should know that the US’s astronaut Kathy Sullivan is a known name in the world as she is the first woman who has walked in the space with zero gravity. The reports are coming that she is now again the first woman who stepped out in the lowest depths of the Earth. This is really very interesting news and the way our country has done something unique is remarkable.

Reports are coming that the US astronaut Kathy Sullivan has done something remarkable once again. You all should know that she is one of the best women and a great example when it comes to doing something extraordinary. She has become the first woman in the world to dive to the lowest depths of the Earth called Challenger Deep inside the Mariana Trench.

First Woman Astronaut Who Walked in 0 Gravity

You must know that Kathy Sullivan who is the former NASA astronaut, as well as the veteran of three space shuttle flights, has successfully come to the surface on the subversive DSSV Limiting Factor on Sunday. She has done it successfully as she has reached the depts of over 35,000 feet below the sea level. Also, she is the eighth person to reach the depths of the Challenger Deep in this world.

Before her, Don Walsh and Jacques Picard in the 1960s, and Titanic filmmaker James Cameron in the year of 2012 has done the same. Reports are suggesting that the DSSV Limiting Factor which is developed by Triton Submarines is the first vehicle that can be used to go into the deepest depths of the ocean.

Kathy herself said that as a hybrid oceanographer and astronaut this was an extraordinary day. Well, this whole was a great thing done by her alone. Also, this makes her the adventures lady and the people are surely going to remember her records as she has made the history which a lot can’t.


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