Fire In Pretoria Today: The terrible incident took place at the South Africa National Defence Depot after which it vanishes the numbers of vehicles presented at the incident spot, in Pretoria. The incident was so horrifying and many of the drivers lost their vehicles in this. The army vehicle destroyed the other vehicle and this is making news headlines. This happens at the time of the depot in Wallmansthal. The incident happened at night. People are speculating things related to the incident. In the article below you will be going to read about the whole incident.

Fire In Pretoria Today

Fire In Pretoria Today

As per the SANDF, the fire started to take place outside the army vehicle depot. And this happened at the night. This makes it difficult for emergency services to be handle situations as soon as possible. Later after the incident police recorded the statement of the Brigadier, Mafi Mgobhozi, and he says that “the vehicles were completely broken and aren’t in the condition of reuse. They now become useless. When we get to know about the dangerous event we immediately called the emergency services. Then taken by them.”

He further stated that “the fire begins outside a unite and it raises due to the wind, so the fire was ended up in our unit. The vehicles that are destroyed were there for disposal. Those vehicles were waiting for disposal and now they are damaged and useless. The vehicle can’t be taken in the use ever again and not even they can be repaired. While many of the vehicles are completely scrapped.”

The information which isn’t available to us includes, At what time incident took place? How many vehicles were destroyed? Does the incident also cause injury to any of the army men? On what day it happened? Does the incident also cause harm to any of the army person?

The investigation is still on the way, the police are investigating it deeply. So the report will come soon and you have to keep patience. Once we will receive a report of the investigation will going to update you on the same platform. Bookmark oursite and follow us for the update.


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