Fire Accident In Singapore: SCDF Puts Out Tuas Waste Oil Fire: On April 23, a fire has been taken out in Tuas. The residents who were living in that area were cleared by the cops and tried to save more and more people. Nobody knows how the fire happened in that area. Maybe it was a short circuit or it was somebody’s mistake who was an intake of cigarettes and throwing them away resulting caught the fire. Who knows what the reason is, the actual reason is yet to come out. Today, in this article, we gonna talk about the fire accident what exactly happened in Tuas, and who the main mistake was. Without delaying any further minute, let’s get started. Follow More Update On

Fire Accident In Singapore

Fire Accident In Singapore

During the fire incident, many people were rescued and no one got any major injuries. According to reports, 14 fire brigades were reached to put out the fire. Thankfully, they control the fire and the situation was normal. As the fire involved waste oil, we had to deploy foam jets in order to tackle the fire, said the incident commander, Colonel Goh Boon Han. The firefighters comprised career officers, full-time national servicemen, and operationally ready national servicemen, SCDF added.

Something around 6:42 pm on Saturday, two random people reported this incident where they say, a fire has been caught in Taus. We need firefighters urgently and also need some cops to help the people who are trapped in this incident. As we already mentioned, 14 fire brigades were called and 80 firefighters were reached at that location. And try to calm down the situation.

During this incident, many people lost their houses and assets but no one got injured. We can say that those people are lucky who were saved from this incident. SCDF gives an update to the users that Rapid Response Fire Vessel was providing water through a supply line from the open sea to support firefighting operations at the incident site. The site of the blaze is near Singapore’s southwest coast.

When this news came out on the internet, many people says that how the fire will be caught. They are also saying how many people were injured during this incident, are they safe now, or what is the current situation. These types of questions were circulating on the internet. Nonetheless, we have only this update, if something would came up, then we definitely inform you.


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