It has been observed that the File Linked app has stopped working and it is really annoying for the users as the app is all about making the user’s life easier and for the people who are unaware of the situation, the app fulfills the need of downloading the apps that are on Android as the app acts as a third party and helps to download the apps on Fire tv devices.


Filelinked Banned?

It also helps the users to fill in the URL’s that are never-ending and helps the user to save time and not get irritated by typing the whole URL which was never meant to be typed in the first place and this is the reason that the app has become to go-to app for many of the people who are using fire tv as the app assists them in so many ways and now let us talk about the issue that the app is facing.

There is bad news for the users who are pretty fond of the app, earlier day, there have been many Fire Linked users who have come out on Twitter with their frustrations as they have been facing a lot of trouble while using the app, people have been also stating about the issues on Youtube, Reddit and many of the other social media platforms as there have been numerous reports that File Linked is not working and responding and this totally sucks for the users who are very fond of the app as it really fills up this niche market and this is frustrating many of the people who have been using the app for the longest time.

It is being seen that when the user is opening the File Linked website, they are seeing the error ‘1020’ as the message that is appearing on their screen or they are getting the message ‘sorry, the page you are looking for is not responding’, it has been looked upon that this has been happening since some hours but there has been no official word from the makers of the site as they have not given an official statement yet about the future of the website but users don’t need to worry about the apps that they have downloaded through the site as they are not going to be affected by this so in that department the users are completely fine.


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