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Fed Hiking Rates By 75 Bps To Send Right Signal Says Anurag Singh


The managing partner of Ansid Capital named Anurag Singh said that they want to see who is controlling the economy and they thought the Fed would spread a good signal if it does a 75 bps growth. Anurag Singh also said that he is fond of or a great believer in cash. According to Anurag Singh, staying in cash is a great strategy at this point in time. Moreover, he also believes that parking somewhere in equity as even secure purses is very costly in our country. According to Anurag Singh, as of now, 50% of funds is in cash form since April month and they will also not mind staying in cash. By reading down the page till the end you will get to read more about this headline as we have discussed a lot more about it in the further given sections. Kindly go through all the sections of this column. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Anurag Singh

When Anurag Singh was questioned “why would you prefer to stay in cash?” he answered that he believes till the excesses of the pandemic are not removed the market will not also settle. Especially in Nasdaq, all the stocks are landing in their levels of pre-pandemic. Till the S&P does not breach the 3400 zone which is nearly 15x multiple we should not experience that we have come out of the woods. Kindly look at the next section to learn more about what Anurag Singh said.

Further Anurag Singh was asked that you are keeping 50% of funds but where are you doing it and is it the right time to grow the exposure to equities, Anurag Singh answered, “we should not wait for the time to get perfection of the market as it is eternal advisable to hold the 50% in. I do not want to behave wiser but we try our hands to recreate the energy basket to a certain degree.”

Further, Anurag Singh said that they have got beat on the other 40% which is normal in these discretionaries and financials and staples. It is fine to get beat for 10% if this year we can survive the beating of 10% which is a fair accomplishment. He also said that he thought the market is looking for the one who is controlling the economy. That’s enough for this time, stay in touch with this website for further details and updates.

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