There has been a successful test flight which has been conducted by Pakistan, the test flight of the indigenously developed Fatah-1 which has been stated by the Inter-Services Relations on Tuesday. There has been a Twitter post regarding the same by the Director-General of ISPR, Fatah-1 has been the reason which is behind guiding the multi-launch system for rockets which is going to act as a conventional warhead for the country.

Fatah 1 Rocket Pakistan

Fatah 1 Rocket Pakistan

He further stated this is going to provide Pakistan with the capability of precision targeting for engaging deep in the territory of the enemy. The last successful test which was done by Pakistan is the Shaheen -1A which is a ballistic missile which they did on 26th March in the year 2021.

It has been further stated by ISPR, the missile is having a range of 900 kilometers and it has been tested several times to get the perfect design and to get the best technical parameters which are going to be making it more suitable to be a weapon system, it also contains an advanced navigation system which has been stated by the Military media wing.

It seems like the country is pretty proud of the successful testing which is going to be helping them with their future wars but it has to be said, this kind of successful testings are being done by most of the countries and they never boast about it the way Pakistan is doing.

The media and the officials are behaving as if they have achieved some kind of a victory over the enemy, it was a successful event and it should have been kept that way, there was no need of spreading it across every social media platform, they are just trying to stir up and basically show the world, they have done something which has been successful.

It can be looked upon as pretty harsh as to what we are saying but this is the truth about the situation, showing off war machines is not going to do good to anyone, this is just going to motivate the other countries who are not well equipped and this is something which is going to start off some debates about promoting such war weapons in public.

It seems like they are investing their revenue in war toys and we hope this kind of war toy keeps on to be a liability for the countries.


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