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Why was Fat Trel Arrested? Rapper’s Fat Trel release from jail


Why was Fat Trel Arrested? Rapper’s Fat Trel release from jail: There is a video of Fat Trek which has come out recently as he came out of the prison facility and the video is going viral on Twitter and people are trying to speculate as to what is the reason which has put him behind bars, he is an American hip-hop artist and his real name is Martel Reeves. He released his solo mixtape every year from 2009 to 2016 and he is currently signed with DLTA Records, there are several Twitter users who are wondering and asking as to why Fat Trel ended up in jail and we are here with all of the details which we have gathered for you regarding the story. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Fat Trel Arrested

Why was Fat Trel Arrested?

It has been stated that Fat Trel was arrested for the possession of firearm and ammunition in the year 2018 which has been stated by Revolt TV, the rapper was pulled over by the cops for the violation of traffic rules, the outlet also states Fat Trel did not have a driver’s license on him as it got suspended.

Rapper Fat Trel released from jail after five year

There are reports claiming that he reeked of marijuana and alcohol and when his vehicle got searched, the cops found a.40 caliber pistol which was loaded with 12 rounds of ammunition, the alleged firearm was identified as a “ghost gun”, these guns are untraceable firearms which can be bought online and they can be assembled at home.

How Long Was Hi In Jail?

He has reportedly pleaded guilty for possession of a ghost gun in 2020 and he faced a maximum of 10 years in prison, in the month of September in the year 2021, US district judge naming Paula Xinis stated, he would be sentenced to two years in and six months in the federal prison and three years of supervised release which has been reported by The Sun.

He was released on 15th October in the year 2021, Fat Trel was also arrested in the year 2016 for trying to exchange “fake money” for chips at Maryland Live Casino which is in Hanover which is according to the Washington Post.

Twitter Reacts on Fat Trel release from jail

In the video, it shows Fat Trel coming out of the jail facility, the rapper is heard saying “you know who the fuck it is, the king of Northeast in back and you know what the fuck is up”, many of the fans of the rapper were delighted to see him out of the prison and are looking forward to listening to more of his work.

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