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Fashion Nova Settlement Controversy Explained


Fashion Nova Settlement Controversy Explained: Fashion Nova is an American clothing company that drives its business online with weighty endeavors on influencer marketing and social media promotions. In the last few years, Fashion Nova has risen as one of the top online retailing brands of clothing but reportedly the brand has been involved in a controversy with FTC for making false reviews in order to improve its rating on online platforms. This story is gaining everyone’s attention toward itself and netizens are eager to know the whole story and why the brand used these tactics to improve its ratings on google and other digital platforms. Read more to explore this topic. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Fashion Nova Settlement Controversy

Fashion Nova Settlement Controversy Explained

Many online brands have emerged as the game-changer in the business of clothing and shopping on digital platforms and FN’s name is on the top of the list, these brands basically use digital marketing and influencer marketing by promoting their products through famous celebrities and Cardi B has also seen doing promotion of the online retailer FN as Cardi B has an enormous fan base all around the world that’s why he has been used as the influencer in influencing marketing by the online retailing brand but there is also a dark side of the brand as this brand allegedly has done the wrong deed, read the below section to learn why the brand has to pay 4.2 million USD to FTC.


It has been alleged that Fashion Nova company has stifled the reviews on a large scale from being uploaded on its official website which was against the brand’s quality and services and in return online retailer has to pay a whopping price of 4.2 million USD to FTC(Federal Trade Commission) to settle the case. As Federal Trade Commission had already released a must obeying rules for all online companies which provide review management systems in which halt the users from posting negative reviews regarding the brand’s product and service is prohibited.

Reportedly FTC has accused Fashion Nova of involving with a third-party app that blocked or deleted the brand’s customer’s reviews which were below the four stars and also published false reviews of four and five stars. The brand was on the lower side in terms of reviews from 2015 but after using a third-party review management app since 2019 Fashion Nova has improved its image and reviews. For now that all on the fashion giant clothing brand and its controversy with FTC, further details will be added on this page, stay tuned.

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