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Farmers Protest: Punjab CM Amarinder Singh Holds Meeting Over Farm Laws: BJP Skips The Meet


The current scenario is well known to everyone that farmers of Punjab Haryana and other states are on the protest against new agriculture laws. The chief minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh executed an all parties meeting to discuss the protest against farming laws and the current upheaval situation on the borders. The meeting was held on this Tuesday in which Amarinder Singh appealed to the political parties to join hands in the interest of protesting framers who are dying on the border of Delhi for the last two months. However, the BJP did not take part in this meeting.

Amarinder Singh

The meeting was firstly proposed on Sunday and it was expected to be held at 11 AM at Punjab Bhawan. The discussion that happened in the meeting underlined the deficiencies of both sides. The main concern discussed was related to the unification of all state parties of Punjab and Haryana on the issues of farmers setting aside rest differences and conflicts at least for the current situation. Amarinder Singh put emphasis on the idea that these new farm policies will bring a kind of crisis for all the citizens directly or indirectly.

He said that this upcoming crisis can be tackled if all the Punjabis and political parties of the state contributed to a collective effort in the interest of farmers. He expressed his sentiments for the farmers. He told that our food providers are being beaten by the police, being harassed by the goons and they are being deprived of basic and essential commodities even. He told political parties, who are aware of all of this, are in no mood of standing with the farmers. He evoked all the groups to focus take collaborative action by joining hands on this issue.

Though CM’s proposal is awaited acceptance by some groups, most of the political parties from Punjab and Haryana may support the farmers. Bhartiya Janta Party had already skipped the discussion which prompts many questions. After the Republic day incident in Delhi, the protest has adopted new faces. Many people are unlikely to support the farmers after the violent activities but the most problematic condition is that our central party has remained completely unable to resolve the issue even after so many talks with farmers.

The CM’s efforts in this direction might raise up more steps. His appeal to unite the parties will surely bring some kind of relief to the farmers.

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