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Farmers’ protest: Mandeep Punia’s arrest, Delhi court granted a bail


The grantor of Caravan Magzine and a journalist Mandeep Punia, on Saturday he was arrested by the Delhi police as there’s an allegation on him that he was choking police in their duty and he injured a police constable Rajkumar at Singhu border. The Rohini court at Delhi, permitted bail on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021. Social Media reacted happily to the news of his bail.

Mandeep Punia

The Magistrate” Satvir Singh Lamba” of Rohini Court stated, “there’s an obligation on Mandeep Punia that he has pushed constable towards the place where protest is going on. Hence, the police need to call the force to grasp the situation. And the protesters leave the place and the applicant jumped into the drain and later overpowered by the police.

In order to bail Punia for the bond of rupees 25,000, the officials stated, that “the tussle incident happened at 6:30 Pm, therefore, the FIR was reported at 1:21 Am on the next day. However, there is no chance that an accused can push any police personnel”. On the basis of the given statement, the accused is granted bail. But the court administered Mandeep not to leave the country without their permission.

The public solicitor disagrees with the bail application and accordingly stated that “the accused can later involve in the violence creation activities such as to set in the process to instigate the protestors, plague at the protest place, and obstruct the investigation. According to the sources, Manddep’s bail has been rejected on Sunday and was sent under the custody of 14days.

As per the sources, many other journalists have been arrested for reporting about the protestors who had died in the tractor rally on Republic day rather than report this they had reported that they were shot by the police. If we talked about the situation of protest then it was disheartening as many protestors had died and injured. Hence there is the rumor that the violence took place because the Punjab actor Deep Sindu has waved a Nishan Sahib at Red Fort which leads to provoking the protestors.

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