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Farmers Protest: Greta Thunberg And Mia Khalifa Join The Spate Of Celebrities Extending Support After Rihanna


The well known Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has now come in the support of the farmer’s protest in Delhi. Many other celebrities including Mia Khalifa have shown their interest through Twitter in the commotion in Delhi and its surrounding areas. Rihana (American Pop Singer) had tweeted on Tuesday in the support of protest after which, many celebrities, influencers, and celebrities are coming forward with their vote in favor of the protest.

Farmers Protest

The seriality of the tweets on this issue is racing rapidly. Earlier Rihana had prompted with a hashtag @FarmersProtest that why this matter is not being talked about. Now, the youngest international environment activist has spoken that she stands in companionship with the farmer’s protest in India. Famous celebrity Mia Khalifa also shown her interest in what all is going on in the National Capital referring to internet cut down sharing a photo of a female protester with a poster in their hands. The poster read, “Stop Killing Farmers”. American Vice president Kamla Harris’s niece, Meena Harris tweeted that everyone should be outraged by farmers’ protest in India which has consequently resulted in internet shutdowns and paramilitary violence against innocent farmers. She put emphasis on her words that marked the world’s oldest democracy under assault. Apart from this, the famous American Actress, Amanda Cerni shared a gloomy photo on Instagram with her words that the world is watching this scenario and no one needs to be an Indian, Punjabi, or South Asian in order to understand the importance of this issue, you only need to think about humanity in this concern. She also put emphasis on the freedom of speech, press, basic human rights-equity, and dignity for workers. The youtube star, Lilly also supported the tweet of Rihana by retweeting that this is seriously a humanity issue along with the Twitter hashtag #IStandWithFarmers.

Sharing the screen the screenshot of Rihana’s tweet, UK MP Claudia Web expressed her solidarity with Indian farmers. She thanked Rihana for bringing to light this issue and also said that she is grateful to the ones who are taking steps in this direction when we are lacking political leadership.

We are all aware of the fact that the internet connectivity had been closed at Singhu, Tikri, and Gazipur borders after the violent activities on Republic day. Many of the farmers and policemen had gone badly injured. The government has remained failed to take any remedial action in the favor of protestors even after the 2 months protest. Now, the matter is aired internationally which might create a forceful condition for the Indian government to resolve the problem of farmers as soon as possible.

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