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Famous Rapper Bitlife: How To Become Famous Rapper In Bitlife Challenge Guide!


It seems like people can opt for numerous unique careers when we talk about Bitlife, one of the most famous careers to chose from is rapping which is going to be requiring a lot of dedication and conviction if you planning to write words as you’ll have to understand how you are going to play with words. It is being advised to manifest your character from the start which is going to help you out in jumping early, especially when it comes to high school, there is not going to be a career in rapping and there are going to be detail as to how to become a rapper, the character will produce its own album which is going to be counted.

Famous Rapper Bitlife

Famous Rapper Bitlife

You will be requiring vocal lessons immediately and this can be done before the character starts turning into a teenager, vocal lessons can be taken at the activities tab, for improving the skills of your character, you’ll have to learn the skills early. as your character reaches 18, they will be able to choose the college or they will either join the workforce. The character won’t be required to go to college if he is going to excel as a rapper. You will have the career option as a musician and then you will have to become a solo artist.

Then you will have to apply for a record label and if the talent is good enough, then you are going to be accepted. You will have to make sure, the album which your character is releasing should be a rap album. The more albums you are going to make, the more albums your character is going to make, the more money you are going to earn, and eventually, you will create a platinum album which is going to make your character an established rapper in the industry.

Bitlife is coming up with new ideas every now and then to make the game more interesting and it seems like they are doing a fine job in the department as the game really makes you feel connected to the virtual world. if you want to excel in the raping career then you will assess the career choices accordingly of the character so that he can achieve the life of a rapper in the game.

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