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FamilyMart Launches Vending Machine in Malaysia Explained


It seems like Family Mart has become the crowd favorite when it comes to food haunt in Malaysia, due to the wide variety of Japanese snacks ad streaming bowls of, the stores can be easily found as they have started up with the drive-through Family Mart outlet which has also opened up in Klang not too long ago.

Family Mart Vending Machine Malaysia

Family Mart Vending Machine Malaysia

it has become even more convenient for the Patrons to grab a bite of dessert and sandwiches in the new Family Mart mini Kiosk which are stocked up with beverages and snacks, the first set of the vending machines can be found dishing out the treats which can be further found in Sheel Station Karak Highway 2.

They have revealed their first pair of vending machines which they have done on their official Facebook handle on 2nd September 2021, the first location for the machines is at Shell Karak highway 2. But there is no need to worry for the people who are feeling left out on the new convenient way of grabbing snacks, it has been shared by Family Mart to stay tuned with them as they are going to be revealing more locations where they are going to set up the machines.

The vending machines are going to be coming stocked with freshly made sandwiches, Onigiri, and desserts for those who are feeling hungry after a drive off or for the people who are fueling up their vehicles on gas stations, there are also going to be pastries and sausage rolls which are going to be topped with chicken slices and are also going to have different buns to choose from.

There are also going to be cold beverages which are going to consist of lattes and milk tea, it is also going to have yogurt drinks and for the people having sweet tooth, desserts such as Japenese swiss roll and Black Forrest sando are also going to be included in the vending machines.

The smart kiosk is going to be self-operated and it is not going to be that difficult to operate and navigate as it is going to be working like any other vending machine, you can simplify what you want, pay for your snacks and you are going to be presented with the dish of your choice for which you have paid for.

An important note is that the vending machines are going to be operating completely cashless so you will have to use a debit or a credit card in order to buy something from the vending machine.

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