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Fall Off Cliff Swing: Video Shows Chilling Moment Of Two Women After Cliff Swing Breaks, Explained!


There has been a chilling video that is being circulated on the internet right now as it is being seen in the video that two women who were in Russia at the time were plunging to a cliff which is 6300 ft as they were riding a swing and the video has gone viral on the internet.

Fall Off Cliff Swing

Fall Off Cliff Swing Video Explained

The two women were riding the swing which is over Sulak Canyon which is in Russia as they were riding a swing in Dagestan and then the unthinkable happened as the chain got snapped as they were riding the swing which caused both of the women to go down the cliff.

A report has been stated by Daily Mail that the women have escaped the horrific incident with some minor injuries, the wooden panel got broken as they were which was the reason for their fall and that took them to the edge of the cliff. It has been stated that they had bruises and scratchs as they were being taken to safety.

The reports have stated that the case is being investigated by the local police and the authorities have decided to remove the swing as it is being operated without matching the safety standards.

Even the Grand Canyon isn’t deeper than the Sulank canyon as it is 63 meters deeper.

People are reacting to what has happened as it is truly irresponsible of the authorities who were carrying out the swing built in the canyon, they need to be most responsible as what they are doing requires utmost responsibility as it is about the life and death of a person and this incident has shown that they are not being responsible enough towards someone’s life and it seems like that the authorities have taken the right decision as they have as this could have been a total disaster.

People are reacting on the internet and everyone is criticising the authoritiries who are handling the swing built in the canyon and it seems like that it is going to be discontinued until they are not able to meet the safety regulations.

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