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EXPLAINED: Brandon Theesfeld Letter To Parents – Father Daniel Theesfeld on Ally Kostial Murder Details


EXPLAINED: Brandon Theesfeld Letter To Parents – Father Daniel Theesfeld on Ally Kostial Murder Details: The suspect of Ally Kostial’s murder has been captured by the officers and the suspect is identified as Brandon Theesfeld. According to the reports, Brandon is a classmate of Ally at the University of Mississippi and he is convicted in affiliation with Ally’s murder. When the death news of Ally Kostial broke out on the internet this news has gripped the attention of the people across the world as her death was seeming to remain a mystery for all of us but after some time investigators found leads and captured Brandon Theesfeld as he was the prime suspect of this case. Kindly read down the page to learn what were the reasons behind Ally Kostial’s death. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Brandon Theesfeld

Brandon Theesfeld Letter To Parents

According to the investigation reports, Ally was 21 years of age at the time of her murder and she used to learn at the University of Mississippi, and she had a long way to go in her life but Brandon assassinated her in 2019 on 20th July. As per the latest information we have got to know that Brandon approached her to negotiate arrangements as Ally was pregnant at that point in time but things went complex between the two and Brandon shot her many times. Read down the further section to learn the reports of the autopsy.


Who Is Brandon Theesfeld’s, Father Daniel Theesfeld?

According to the results of Ally’s dead body’s autopsy, she was not pregnant at that time. The court ordered him to serve a life sentence in prison for his misdeeds as he was found guilty in the case and charged with first-degree homicide. Since this news became a trending subject on the internet people are unfolding the pages of Brandon Theesfeld’s personal details and family background. Keep reading this article to learn his personal details in the next paragraph of this article.

As per the details, Brandon is born to his parents, mother Kery Ann Campbell Clay, and father Daniel Robert Theesfeld. Daniel was born and grew up in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Brandon Theesfeld’s father works in Texas Pain Management Center as an operator. A few days back Daniel purchased a weapon for his son and Daniel also shared images on social media of his son firing the gun. Daniel has been divorced from his wife Kery years before this incident. Besides Brandon Theesfeld, his parents are also blessed with two daughters but their identities have not been shared with the public.

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