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Who Is Exodus Simmons, Rapper fiancee reveals their son’s stage 3 kidney disease – Age, Instagram, and, more!


Who Is Exodus Simmons, Rapper fiancee reveals their son’s stage 3 kidney disease – Age, Instagram, and, more!: Currently, news of a 5-year old whose name is Exodus Simmons has been diagnosed with kidney disease. He was on stage 3 and his death was near said by the doctor. This news became viral on the internet and became a trending topic on social media platforms. He was the youngest son in his family. His mother was worried about him. His father DMX was a rapper legend. They tried many ways to improve his situation but nothing came out any serious. The young boy has been living with chronic renal disease since his birth. His mother says is he gonna improve it or not. Doctors say yes, but it will take some time once he grows or changes in his body then we will start this condition. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Exodus Simmons

Who Is Exodus Simmons?

Recently, a podcast was running where Lindstrom revealed his son’s day-to-day struggle as his kidney has stopped working around 80% and only 20%. Exodus is the youngest child in his family. Lindstrom has lost her fiance, Earl Simmons also known as DMX last year in a tragic overdose. She has been coping with the grief, while also taking care of her son single-handedly. According to the National Kidney Foundation, a chronic kidney disease (CKD) generally has five stages, in which stage 3 was crucial. This is the stage where the virus reaches the core of the organ and did not function properly. By luck, if he survives otherwise not. Maybe it leads to kidney failure.


Exodus Simmons Instagram

Desiree Lindstrom shared on the internet that, he still has stage 3 kidney disease. I just continue to keep his potassium down. He can’t eat any high potassium foods. She continues to say, sometimes he goes to the doctor, sometimes not but it’s our duty to take care of him from time to time. He was an amazing child, according to her mother. Whenever he faced any difficulty or problem, then he didn’t fear it and did not go back. In fact, he faces it. Her mother has played a vital part in his life. If he didn’t take care of him properly then he can’t live. But the moments he spent with him are beautiful and did not erase in his mind. Those beautiful moments will remember how she interacts with him. Even if he was not present there. At the time of his death, the couple had been together for eight years and continued to live their lives.

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