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What Happened To Euphoria Chloe Cherry Lips? Reacts to Comments About Her “Big” Lips


What Happened To Euphoria Chloe Cherry Lips? Reacts to Comments About Her “Big” Lips: As we have written an article a few days ago on the most talked about topic of social media in which we have discussed how people were reacting to Chloe Cherry’s big lips and we assured you to replace you with the updated information as soon as Euphoria actress responded on this topic. This article is being written by us to make our readers educated on how she had reacted to the ongoing controversial discussion about her lips. So keep reading this article till the end to learn how she reacted to the comments about her lip’s size, so scroll down the section to take a peek at the given below sections of this article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Euphoria Chloe Cherry Lips

What Happened To Euphoria Chloe Cherry Lips?

If we have to tell you in short words what she has said then we tell you that she doesn’t care what people think about her. As we have mentioned above people have reacted on a large scale to Chloe’s lips as they were speculating that she might have injected her lips to grow them and to increase the size of her lips and some also compared the before and after pictures of Euphoria actress. In the past few days, people have discussed immensely the size of Chloe’s lips due to which this topic has gone to the next level on social media platforms as everywhere Chloe’s pics are being posted by the netizens. It is seeming that she has become the flavor of the month.

Euphoria Chloe Cherry Reaction on Big Lips Comment

While some of her fans also supported the actress. According to her statement to “Variety”, she said it is fantastic how many individuals talk about my lips being so fatty, the number of headlines, posts, and comments that I have seen about my lips has been bizarre. She has witnessed numerous comments and posts on her lips that might have hurt her but she took this matter lightly and gave a perfect reply to the people who were making comments on her lips.

She said it was an undesirable judgment that I have never faced before. It is odd to see comments and posts about it because these topics of discussion are on my looks and I did not totally understand what the big deal it was. I pledge no one in my life was like that. It’s nuts because you have to admit that I got those lips at some point in time of my life and no one responded that way at least not to my appearance.

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