Home News Eton Teacher Sacked For Refusing To Take Down YouTube Lecture Video!

Eton Teacher Sacked For Refusing To Take Down YouTube Lecture Video!


An educator who was terminated by Eton over a video that was related to the topic of anti-feminism has been cleared from the charge of professional misconduct. The name of this teacher is Will Knowland, 35 was terminated from the role of teacher at the reputable Berkshire school and referred to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) after rejecting to take down his lecture questioning the theory of “toxic masculinity” from the channel of Youtube. In his lecture, the English teacher cited an article by Marie Claire which cited a woman as saying she be anxious by the “sheer power with the masculinity of her husband in the bedroom but was not due to she felt like the male in the relationship” which was ready for older students at the £42,500-a-year school.

Eton Teacher Sacked

Eton Teacher Sacked

This English teacher Mr. Knowland was terminated after he frequently refused requests from the headmaster of the college Simo Henderson to take down the Youtube video. Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) is the part of the Department for Education, has the right and power to foist lifetime classroom bans on teachers and ruled the case of Knowland should be closed without having another action.”

As per The Sunday Times, the judgement of the watchdog rejects all the charges laid by Eton over the video of 30 minutes entitled “The Patriarchy Paradox”. The TRA made a statement that it had to think about the comments made by Mr. Knowland all over the 30 minutes video. The answerable did not consider that at its longest, the comments…could amount to intolerable professional conduct: conduct which may bring the teaching profession into disgrace and a judgement of a relevant offence which may result in a banning order being suitable.”

Mr Knowland taught in Eton for eight years, reported that he had made serious misconduct. The Youtube video was claimed to be insulting to women and the LGBTQ+community and in contravention of fundamental values of respect and tolerance. He now works as a private tutor informed The Sunday Times this weekend that he was “naturally delighted” to have been discharged of any wrongdoing by the TSA.

The lawyer of Mr Knowland, Simon Hentron told the newspaper that this decision is the winning for the right of freedom of speech in schools. The TRA has not made any comment on the ruling but Eton stated that “Mr Knowland discharge met the criteria which need Eton to refer the matter to the TRA. The TRA has concurred with the school submission that discounting him from teaching would not be suitable.”

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