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ESPN Colombia Anchor Carlos Orduz Accident Viral Video On Twitter


Carlos Orduz: He is the panelist of ESPN Colombia. There is the filming of Tuesday news on the set of ESPN meanwhile a big monitor falls on Carlos’s backside. It has been crashing on Orduz. The incident is looking really bad and painful in the video. And the camera is focusing on the anchor hence the camera quickly cuts the shot of the mishap.

Carlos Orduz

It is the miracle to Orduz that he is fine and doesn’t get injured. Just after the shooting Orduz tweeted, “Let me tell you all who asking and sending me messages for the last night incident, I’m perfectly fine and okay thank god. I have gone for a medical check-up and it finds only a blow to the nose. While no fracture is found. Thanks and Greetings.”

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Conclusion: The incident was painful but luckily Orduz is fine and he also thanked God along with it he tweeted about himself, in which we can read he is gone, and there is no fracture at all. The monitor that falls on him is really massive which might injure him badly. It is counting as a terrifying incident that never ever happened before on the ESPN stage.

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