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Esme Bianco sues Marilyn Manson over alleging abuse


Esme Bianco who starred in Game Of Thrones has accused the rock artist Marilyn Manson of being abusive and being a rapist when they were in a relationship decades ago and now she is going to drag him to court.

Esme Bianco

She has stated these allegations about 2 months ago and now she is taking him to court, she claimed about him being abusive and a rapist in the month of February as she claimed that she has been in a relationship with Manson a decade ago and in those days she was being tied up in the chair and then he used to whip her hard and she also stated that she did leave her husband to be with the shock rock artist and she is claiming that when she moved in with him she started feeling like a prisoner and felt like as if she has been put in containment.

After the accusation from the actress, many of the women have come forward claiming that they have been put through mental, physical, and emotional abuse by the rock artist and in April 30th of Friday the news started to flash that a lawsuit has been filed by the actress against him and also against his former manager Tony Ciulla as in the lawsuit she is accusing both of them for the sexual assault, human trafficking and also for sexual battery which has been stated by the L.A. Times.

Bianco has stated in her lawsuit that she has been raped by him when they were in a relationship in the year 2011, she also stated that she was used to traveling to L.A. to be a part of the many projects of which Manson was a part of and those projects have never been released as she is claiming that it was the time when the alleged abuse happened, Ciulla and Manson have also lawyered up stating that the allegations that she is throwing are just absurd, offensive and provably false.

Manson’s attorney has also stated as he spoke with the publication that Ms.Bianco has filed a lawsuit after his client has refused to the allegations as they have been outrageous with their claims having absurd financial demands that have never even been occurred and he also stated that they are pretty confident that they are going to prevail in this case.

Bianco ahs stated that the industry if full of such cases but many people chose to keep their mouth shut and even the industry has turned a blind eye to such events and by doing what she did, she is trying to give the other victims the strength to come out of their hole and speak up about the abuses that they have faced in the industry.

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