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Eriz Marcus Anthony Reddit: Marcus Eriz and His Girlfriend Wynne Lee Arrested In 55 Freeway Shooting Death Aiden Leos


Authorities of CHP and Orange County have been released the photos of the suspects who killed a 6-year old child, Aiden Leos, they shot him in an Orage County. The sources also reveal that both the suspects we will call for arraigned on Tuesday, in Orange County. The name of the suspects is Marcus Anthony Eriz, a 24-year-old guy, and the second suspect Wanne Lee, a 23-year-old lady. Both of them have been from Costa Mesa.

Eriz Marcus Anthony Reddit

Eriz Marcus Anthony Reddit

They were seen in the white Volkswagen along with weapons inside their car. It has been noticed that Lee was driving a car whereas Eriz was a shooter, a gunman. There was a news conference that took place on Monday, where the official took a decision of the arrest of the culprits. The dead body of Aiden buried at the private ceremony, after the memorial service.

Who is Eriz Marcus Anthony?

The research of both the suspects were going on for the last two weeks and finally, the officials caught them at their home situated in Costa Mesa, They might be charged fr murder and each will be being held on $1 million bails. There is evidence which is indicating that they are the culprits.

Who is Wynne Lee?

Aiden was traveling with his mother and his mother was driving a car to Kindergarten while he was sitting in the booster seat, around 7:55 another car has started a fire at him, the incident took place between northbound 55 Freeway to 22 Freeway, Then he took to the Children’s Hospital, Orange County, and their doctors declared him dead. His mother is completely broken and she is demanding justice for her late son. Whereas officials said that people who were there, helped them a lot in the case during an investigation.

Who is Aiden Leos?

Spitzer gave a statement in which he has been showing concern for all the citizens as the citizens use to drive the freeways in southern California and this could happen to anyone. So they all must take care of themselves and be aware, The neighbors of the suspect said it is difficult to believe that they can kill someone, A family of Aiden in grief as they lost their cutest beloved one so early.

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