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Equity Bank Robbery: Equity’s Kisumu Branch Hit By 2nd Robbery Attempt


Equity Bank Robbery: We are here again with another bank robbery in the same bank. This is shocking that after facing a robbery Equity Kisumu bank is again making the headlines of facing a second Robbery. The robbery these days is spreading and this must need to be stopped now. This news is creating panic all around the internet and even in the media networks. The first robbery at the same branch took place six years and it has again become a victim after six years. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Equity Bank Robbery

Equity Bank Robbery

This robbery was taken place on Tuesday evening and the entire staff of the bank was so afraid and they tried to inform the police but it was not easy for them to inform at the right time. But still, they managed to inform the police and after the police reaches the branch they tried to keep the suspects engaged by a shootout. The employees were included the bank manager, staff, and customers were also there and all of them were in fear. But later the situation has been handled by the police. There were four robbers inside a bank and the police encounter were took place at 11 am. Four of them were weapons in their hand and they were afraid of the staff.

As per the reports, one of the suspects was tearing a gas inside the bank and after which the staff went confused and they weren’t in their senses. This may also cause them to lose their lives. So they entered the bank and asked a lady cashier to give them cash. Meanwhile, she raised an alarm and informed the guard at the same time that there is something wrong inside the bank. So the bank manager and the staff are also in a custody.

So as per the Nyanza regional commissioner, Magu Mutindika has given a statement in which he said that “police are still investigating and they aren’t ready to answer that whether the money had been lost or not.” He further tells that “one of the suspects was put a gun at the cashier’s hand and asked her to handed over sh100,000 in his hand otherwise he will shoot her.”

While the other one was trying to tear gas so that he could easily go to the upper floor of the building.  Further details regarding the same will going to be updated later on the same platform so stay tuned to us.

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