Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: YHM Ishita find out the truth of Arijit's daughter

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: it was seen that Ishita is getting worried about the policy. Raman speaks to Ishita, should not get involved in anyone’s personal affairs, but Ishita is worried about policy. Here Arijit along with Bhuvan makes a plan to get the policy out of the hospital.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update

Natasha tells her brother, why did you send your sister to jail? Sunil says that he is blackmailing me, he has said that if he does not do so, he will kill you and mom dad. That’s why I have to do this, Natasha says that we cannot put Mom Dad’s life in danger. Natasha tells Sunil to get me out of here, Sunil says that I will get out soon. Ishita remains depressed, Raman asks what happened. Ishita tells him about the policy to Raman. Raman says why do you want to help someone you don’t know.

Ishita says that the girl is alone, I don’t like it, seeing her like this. The nurse says to the policy, Sorry, you did not like that I was fighting with your father. The nurse thinks she does not know where her father went, I call the phone. The message comes from so much Arijit that I am going out of town. The nurse also messages Arijit and writes how can you be such a careless father. Arijit gets angry, and says that I am learning how to perform the duty of the father.

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Arijit says that I will have to get Naniti out from there because Ishita has met her, and will definitely try to meet Dobara. Ishita and Raman come home, and talk to Aaliya about Santoshi. Ishita then tells him about the policy that there is no one to take care of that girl. Raman tells Ishita that this is his family mater, you will not talk to him. Ishita tries to get Niti’s father’s number by calling the hospital, but the receptionist does not give the number.

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Raman tells Ishita again why she is entering his family mater, Ishita says how does a little girl leave her alone. Arijit tells Bhuvan that I want one of your royas, which he becomes happy after hearing about. Arijit turns him around and tells him about his daughter and how to get her out of the hospital. Bhuvan gives the idea to Arijit, Bhuvan is happy. Ishita is in the hospital, and sees that someone is going to the policy room, wondering who will go to the policy room on such a night. The policy starts to fizzle, Arijit and Bhuvan are watching it.


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