Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th October 2019 Written Episode Update: YHM The Curtain Rise From Arijits Misdeeds: it was seen that on one hand, while everyone is getting very happy in the Bhalla family, they get to know about a disease of Santoshi. Here Bhuvan scares Natasha’s brother Sunil, and he gets scared badly.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update

Raman praises Ishita, Ishita asks Ruchi for dressing. Preparations are done for Navratri worship in Bhalla House, all are worshiping together. Ishita says she makes breakfests for Mummy ji, Raman says I will handle everything, Raman cooks, everyone praises. Here, Sunil gets a call, he feels Natasha has called.

Sunil’s mother gets a call, then calls again, Bhuvan would have been scared to call her. Bhuvan then sends Sunil a video in which he is killing Dr. Mishra.

Bhuvan blasts her, and says don’t tell anyone anything or else this video will reach the police. Sunil tells me not to stay here, such a courier goes to give him the courier which contains the photos of the doctor when Sunil is doing the blood. Sunil burns those photos, Bhuvan tells Arijit that Sunil got scared. Please tell that Arijit has sent Bhuvan to kill the doctor, but Sunil kills him.

Bhuvan is telling the whole back story, how Dr. Mishra is murdered by Sunil’s hands. Bhuvan clicks the photo during that time, and exits from there. Arijit gets a call from the hospital, his daughter is out of control. Bhuvan wonders why the boss is so disturbed. Here Raman wakes up his mother-in-law, Ruhi comes there and praises Raman’s parathas. Santoshi’s head is spinning, everyone is afraid of what has happened.

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Raman calls the doctor, then he calls the nursing home, Santoshi says after asking the doctor that since Raman’s plane crash was detected, my head keeps turning around. Ishita says why didn’t you tell me earlier, the doctor tells that she has verdigo. The doctor says that he will have to admit in the hospital, everyone says it is fine. Santoshi is admitted to the hospital, taking Abhijeet’s daughter to the doctor. Her handkerchief falls, Ishita asks who is this girl, what happened to it.


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