MTV Ace Of Space 2 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Task Day Mandeep and Prakruti wins Together
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MTV Ace Of Space 2 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update In Yesterday episode we was saw that mastermind gives task to some contestant which is will performed today and mastermind makes some jodies for task this jodies are.

Deepak Thakur and Adnan, Mandeep and Prakruti, Lucinda Nicholas and Yesh, Manhar Seth and Nikita, Khushali Vya and Luv Tyagi, Krissann Barretto and salman

MTV Ace Of Space 2 Written Update

Rest of contestant just can watch the task which is Baseer, Rashmi Jha, Shuruti sinha.

The Task is that First Boy need to ready girl doing makup and saree then boys needs to set girls hair 10 times by hair dryer and girls will go for pick gold coin which in in the 4 box put on table in first box have jellyfish and second mice, third one is full of cockroach, fourth one is hot earth and fifth one is white mice.

This is looking quite interesting and somethings dangerous because girls need to get hand in box for pick gold coin than the first round of task will be covered we have to tell you that this task will to divied in two parts.

First two contestant come to performe task that is Mandeep and Prakruti Vs Lucinda Nicholas and Yesh, firstly boys takes sarees for put on girls body Mandeep doing very well and Prakruti also doing very good, in this task Mandeep and Prakruti wins.

Stay tuned we will updates you as ASAP.


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