Malaika Arora surrounded by fans for selfie, Arjun Kapoor rescued, see viral video: The romance of film actor Arjun Kapoor and film actress Malaika Arora is at a peak these days. Both of them also announced this on their social media. Now Arjun Kapoor Malaika Arora Indian Film Festival Melbourne We were returning to India by attending. Many people came forward to take photographs with these two at Mumbai Airport.

There was more crowd to take photographs with Malaika Arora. Arjun Kapoor immediately took the front in the form of a good boyfriend and saved him from being Malaika Arora’s protective boyfriend.

Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora looked gorgeous at the airport. Both of them proceeded towards their car.

Arjun Kapoor Save Malaika Arora by fans

Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor have recently made their relationship public on social media. The speculations of both of them getting married soon. Malaika Arora has recently divorced Arbaaz Khan. Recently for the second time in life But when asked, Malaika Arora said in an interview that it is considered a taboo for women to love for the second time in India.

Malaika Arora had said, ‘Love in India is like a taboo for the second time because sometimes the circumstances and subjects are odd, which have to be fought, but I believe that working on all these topics with an open mind. Want

45-year-old Malaika married Arbaaz Khan earlier. Malaika also has 16-year-old son Arhaan from Arbaaz Khan but now both of them have divorced and both have separated.


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