Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update: KZK2 Prerna Get Emotional For Anurag

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update: KZK2 Prerna Get Emotional For Anurag: Anurag begs Prerna that she will come back again and said that he will only listen you, just once she comes back to him, Prerna becomes emotional to see this side of anurag.

Kuki goes to Mr. Bajaj for worships of mother Durga and takes her blessings. The pundit asks the betel nut with Prerna, which she goes to the kitchen to take. Anurag asks the Prerna standing in the stool but he falls down. Prerna falls in Anurag’s lap where he saves her. Prerna closes the eyes of fear. Anurag requests Prerna to come back to his life. Whose Prerna starts crying. Anurag says that when she does not love him then why is his eyes moist.

Anupam tells Mr. Bajaj that he does not know Anurag. That will ruin it. After which Mr. Bajaj tells him that he does not even know him. He says that he knows that Anurag does all the things with him. He says that those people should understand that Prerna is Mr. Bajaj’s wife. Hearing this, Anupam goes away from there.

Anurag brings Prerna closer and says that she remembers one thing about how she was soaked in water and she had brought the decoction for her. Anurag says that since then it has become his need. Prerna also hugs her, forgetting that she is Mr. Bajaj’s wife. Anurag says that he knew and he was longing for this day. Whom Prerna remembers something and she runs away and goes to the terrace.

Anurag goes after her. He explains to her that she did not cry. He says that Komolika also came between them. He had the accident of both of them. He says that Prerna starts crying, she tells him why he had not talked about it till now. Anurag gets a thorn in his hand and Prerna cleans it with her sari. Mr. Bajaj sees both standing there. Anurag tells Prerna that he knows she still loves him. Also Read: Bigg Boss 13 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Game On Rashmi And Siddharth Dey Fight

Prerna sees Mr. Bajaj standing and leaves without saying anything. Seeing Anurag, Mr. Bajaj smiles lightly and says that he remembers how he had seen her talking to Prerna before and said that she does not feel jealous but Aj is clearly seeing anger on Mr. Bajaj’s face. is. Mr. Bajaj says that she is his wife and he has full faith in Prerna. There is a fight for the Prerna of Mr. Bajaj and Anurag. Then Prerna comes there and Mr. Bajaj tells her that those people are leaving Basu Bari but Prerna asks them to stay till Dashami. Mr. Bajaj calls someone to meet them.


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