How To Viral Made A Song This With Example Of ‘O Saki Saki’Song From Batla House By Janak Bhanushali: Commercial cinema has come a long way in marketing films. New and innovative thinking can be difficult to explore in 2019, but there are some ways that marketers can ensure a strong potential. When it comes to marketing a song, Hifi Digi Advertising Pvt. Ltd. The attention of Janak Bhanushali, CEO of Ltd, must be paid attention to.

According to him, marketing of any song should always pay attention to its limited nature. A Bollywood fan sees or hears a song for a short time before it becomes boring. After a few days this song becomes old or stale. So it needs to be made more interesting. According to Janak Bhanushali, it is very important to cooperate with the right influencer if you want to expand the digital life of a song.

This will prove to be the right and successful strategy for you. Let us understand by example. The song ‘O Saki Saki’ of the film ‘Batla House’ became very popular among the people. Recently choreographer Awez Darbar, dancing queen Nora Fatehi and playback singer Tulsi Kumar were brought together on stage and the same song was shot differently, so that users get fresh content.

O SAKI SAKI | Awez Darbar Choreography ft. Nora Fatehi & Tulsi Kumar

In this video song, the famous female dancer and famous female playback singer is seen performing with choreographer Awez, who looks quite attractive and candid. Looking at this video song, it seems that it is a high-production Bollywood music video. It is a rewarding experience for the fans to have these three talents together on one stage.

From a creative point of view it does not use any new original material. Such experimentation not only gives talent to the talent, but the song reaches more and more people. Fans also get appreciation. This is called a winning strategy. The video being talked about has been viewed more than 26 million times.

Such videos affect more and more fans. He also makes his own video by following the dance steps shown in it and sharing it on social media platforms. This increases the chances of the video going viral. In this way the song of the film makes its reach among more and more people.

Batla House: O SAKI SAKI Video

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