American Police Still Feeling Threatened By Joker Ban On Wearing Masks In Theatre Due To Joker Movie Threats
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American Police Still Feeling Threatened By Joker Ban On Wearing Masks In Theatre Due To Joker Movie Threats: Hollywood actor Walking Phoenix’s recent release, Joker Movie is getting the best response from the audience, but the challenges of the American police on this film continue to change. In 2012, when Christopher Nolan’s film The Dark Knight Rises was released, a man in Colorado fired at the theater. It was believed that a similar attack could happen in the film Joker which came out after seven years. This is the reason that after analyzing some posts on social media, the US Army issued a safety notice on 18 September.

In this notice of the US Army, it was said that there is a possibility that some people of the Insel community may open fire on theaters on the day of the release of the film Joker. Keeping this notice in mind, the US police has banned clown masks and costumes for theater goers. According to the Elamo Drafthouse Cinema Group, parents have been given a warning not to bring their children to the cinema hall.

According to a Reuters report, the New York, Los Angeles and Chicago police have stated in their stents that no such threat has been revealed yet about this film, but in spite of this we have engaged some officers with those film theaters. But we are keeping a close watch, where this film is being screened. Apart from this, police officers will also be present inside the cinema hall in plain clothes.

It is worth noting that the producers of the film, Warner Bros., also put their side in this whole matter. He had said that gun culture is a matter of great concern in America, but the purpose of our film is that we want to create a culture of dialogue between people on difficult issues. We want to make it clear that this film does not support real life violence at any level and no one has the intention of presenting this character like a hero, from filmmaker to studio.

There was also tight security at the New York Film Festival

A lot of security was arranged on the occasion of Joker ‘s screening at the prestigious New York Film Festival last Wednesday. According to reports, the bags of the audience were checked on this occasion and the deployment of K9 officers was also done. Significantly, the film Joker has been released in India on 2 October. This film is getting very tough competition from Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff’s WAR Movie.


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