Salman Khan Dad Salim Khan On Ayodhya Verdict We Dont Need Masjid But Build A School On 5 Acres
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Salman Khan Dad Salim Khan On Ayodhya Verdict We Dont Need Masjid But Build A School On 5 Acres: The Supreme Court finally gave its decision on the Ayodhya case that has been going on for years. On Saturday, the court ruled to hand over the disputed land to Ramlala on the Ayodhya case, while giving a separate 5 acres for the construction of the Masjid. This decision was welcomed all over the country. Famous script writer and producer Salim Khan has also given his reaction on this.

Salim Khan has welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court . He said, ‘Now at the end of the Ayodhya dispute, Muslims should move forward by following these two virtues of love and forgiveness. Express love and forgive. Do not rewind or recap such case. just move on from here ‘

In an interview to IANS, Salim Khan said, ‘The way people have established peace and harmony after the decision on the Ayodhya case is commendable. Accept that a very old dispute has been settled. I wholeheartedly welcome this decision.

‘Muslims should not discuss this matter. But they should discuss their basic problems and their solutions. I am saying this because we need schools and hospitals. My advice would be that we can build a college on the 5 acres of land given in Ayodhya to build a Masjid. We do not need a Masjid. We will read Namaz anywhere, in the train, on the plane, on the ground, anywhere. But we need better schools. 22 crore Muslims will get good training, so many shortcomings of this country will be finished.

He also shared his views in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Salim said, ‘I agree with PM Modi, we need peace. We need peace to focus on our goals. We have to think about our future. We should realize that if our education is in a good way, then our future will also be better. The real problem is that Muslims are not very good in the matter of education. So I would say that the end of the Ayodhya case will be a new beginning now.

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Salim Khan, is the father of Salman Sohail and Arbaaz Khan. He has given many superhit films in the 60–70s. He has worked in films like screen brother Do Bhai, Zanjeer, Naam, Angare, Jurm, Patthar Phool etc.


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