Kavin has told Losliya that he has been in a relationship with a woman for three years. Kavin is the romantic king of Bigg Boss. Kavin first becomes accustomed to Sakshi and then to Losliya. Following the ending of the triangle love story, Losliya – Kavin’s love story is currently being talked about in the Bigg Boss house. Kamal, Cheran and Vanitha have denounced Kavin and Losliya. But the two are not switching.

Fellow housemates allege that Losliya is sleeping with Kavin until late into the night. Last night, Kavin and Losliya were talking to prove it. Then everyone, including Kamal, denounced that Mike had turned off the batteries and the two spoke.

In the meantime they were both expected to change. But they didn’t change until today’s promo. Kavin has already stated that he is serious about his relationship with Losliya.

In the third promo, released today, Losliya and Kavin are sitting on the sofa. Kavin tells Losliya that he has been in a relationship with a woman for three years. Kavin then tells Losliya that the woman has separated from her and thinks about it.

There was no Eviction this week on the Bigg Boss show. But the housemates don’t know this. According to them, four others – Kavin, Muken, Vanitha and Sherin – have been nominated this week. Therefore, the Nittisans think that the good people are playing such a good name.

Crushed love Those who belong to Kavin Armie are praising his good heart. What is true is the light of the Big Bang. But, as Losliya sighs sadly, Nateesans also have doubts about whether she’ll break this romance.


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