Bigg Boss Salman Khan People Demand For Ban Twitter Controversy Love Jihad #BanBigBoss

Bigg Boss Salman Khan People Demand For Ban Twitter Controversy Love Jihad #BanBigBoss: Bigg Boss has been engulfed in controversies since it began. Bigg Boss fans like the show this time too, but the opponents are opposing it openly as well. On the micro-blogging site Twitter, people are opposing Bigg Boss once again.

#BanBigBoss on Twitter trend is. People are accusing Bigg Boss of spreading obscenity. Here the users are asking the Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry to ban the show. This is not the first time that Bigg Boss is being opposed. Earlier on Friday, #JihadFailTabigBoss was trending.

Actually people are angry about the task and rule of Bigg Boss. In Bigg Boss, this time the controversy started about BFF (Bed Friends Forever). In this, the contestants had to share the bed with other contestants. According to the rule, the contestant of the house, Mahira Sharma, had to share the bed with AsIm Riyz. The audience was strongly opposed to this. He said that Bigg Boss Love is promoting Jihad with the help of this.

What caused the controversy?

After the controversy, Bigg Boss has also changed the show rules on Tuesday. Now the BFF option has been removed. Meaning now any contestant can share beds with anyone. There is no restriction in this. After the controversy, many people are also putting screen shots of Unfollowing Salman.

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The controversy is the task of the first episode of Bigg Boss. In this task, the householders had to collect ration for themselves. No contestant could use his hand to collect rations. The task was to collect and collect mouth to mouth rations. As soon as this promo and later the show came out, there was a lot of uproar on the social media.


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