Akshay Kumar Pokes Sonakshi Sinha Nose With Make Up Brush Video Viral on Social Media: Akshay Kumar is busy promoting the film with his entire team of Mission Mangal. Mission Mangal’s team can often be seen having fun during the promotion of the film. Now on social media A video is going viral.

In this, Akshay Kumar is applying makeup on Sonakshi Sinha’s face. When Akshay is doing makeup on Sonakshi Sinha’s face, then in fun, Sonakshi gives a make-up brush on her nose. Sonakshi then kills Akshay Kumar in fun. And both of them start laughing.


Not only this, recently, Akshay Kumar came to Delhi with the whole team to promote his film. During the press talk, a journalist’s phone started ringing. Akshay Kumar picked up that phone and said that we are in a press conference. I am Akshay. Kumar is speaking. Let’s call in a while. After this, this video also became viral.

In a recent interview, Akshay Kumar recalled his struggle days that when he came to Mumbai, he had only 200 in his pocket and today he has a lot of money. Apart from Akshay Kumar film Mission Mangal, Housefull 4, Good News , Suryavanshi and Lakshmi bomb will appear.

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