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Encanto Generational Trauma: How Disney’s “Encanto” Illustrates Generational Trauma


Encanto Generational Trauma: Encanto is an engrossing tale of a little Colombian girl who faces rejections and disbelieves from her other and previous generation. This tale is ground to a halt of magic and miracles. She is the most cutest and the profound kid from the very renowned tales of Disney. But the thing is to be discussed on it is the generational trauma which has been faced by alike girls. Which makes her be disbelieved herself and even break her from inside but once she found something super amazing about herself and the entire tale is depend on it. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Encanto Generational Trauma

Encanto Generational Trauma

In the tale, you guys will be going to see the sparks of light, unimagined illusions, attractiveness, and creative scenes, and last but not the least, you will also see that a little Colombian girl will be seen as, pessimist until she didn’t get to know her powers. Well later she got to know about her powers and this makes her super duper happy. But she chooses to keep it a secret from her family. As in her family, everyone is blessed with superpowers and has the ability to perform magic. But after her birth, they get to know that Mirabel isn’t blessed with the same powers and she is unlike her first generation.

But the truth is something else, as is a story that glorifies magical verisimilitude which too illustrates or emphasizes generational trauma. As a generational trauma, Mirabel faces ignorance, betrayal, taunts, and the pressure of being directed by the family members. But later it has been unveiled by the victim that she has the power to maintain the powers of her family members. It is her hidden blessing that she is the only one in her family due to which other magical powers are in her hand to maintain.

So we can say that the personification of the story is, family is the most important part of our life and we all should dwell together being a family. Well, there are three, sisters in their families, and all three of them are first-generation immigrants. So on the basis of this story, there are many people who have been taken over to Twitter and even on the Tik Tok, to share their side of the story that they were also faced such issues from their family and how difficult it was for them to tackle with their family issues.

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